Conscious Evolution Program

Birth Chart Evolutionary Points & Therapy Every birth chart shows very important aspect from your past and for your evolution to work on. We will work on those points after the reading, by a conscious evolution sequence of at least 4 sessions where we will focus on your limiting structures by gaining your power back,Sigue leyendo «Conscious Evolution Program»

7 Códigos Andinos = 7 Codes of the Andes

******* For English scroll down *** Los códigos Andinos, viene de la sabiduría ancestral protegida por el pueblo Q´ero, que se refugiaron sobre los 4 mil metros de altura en los Andes peruanos para escapar y proteger su cultura de los colonizadores. Los códigos sirven como guía para alinearnos con el universo en nuestro caminoSigue leyendo «7 Códigos Andinos = 7 Codes of the Andes»

Andean Worldview = Cosmovisión Andina

Andean Philosophy is the concepts and ideas that were held as a collective experience through astronomy as the first science and mathematics expressed in La Chakana, medicine, engineering, arts and life itself in the Andean space before the Inca culture. Basic principles that everything is permanently related and occurs in reciprocity, complementarity and correspondence atSigue leyendo «Andean Worldview = Cosmovisión Andina»