Conscious Evolution Program

Birth Chart Evolutionary Points & Therapy

Every birth chart shows very important aspect from your past and for your evolution to work on. We will work on those points after the reading, by a conscious evolution sequence of at least 4 sessions where we will focus on your limiting structures by gaining your power back, using activations, codes and rituals.


Carta Natal, Puntos Evolutivos & Terapia

Cada carta natal muestra aspectos importantes de tu pasado y puntos evolutivos. Trabajaremos esos puntos después de la lectura mediante una secuencia consciente de al menos 4 sesiones en las que nos centraremos en hacer consciente tus estructuras limitantes, recuperando tu poder mediante activaciones, códigos y rituales.

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Publicado por Jackie Blue

De Lima, holistic therapist ~ helper ▽ Helper in restorative human energy channels sessions with Rituals, Crystals, Reiki, Sound & Therapeutic bodywork Helping Mental, Emotional, Physical & Auric paths, discovering, opening, awakening consciousness, healing, achieving balance in this space time.

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